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Planar 2kW Diesel Heater Installed in Outdoor Case

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Published on 16 May Genuine Planar 2kW diesel heater installed in a B&W International Outdoor Case Type 6800. We wanted to install it in a case because we can move it from our Land Rover to our boat when we are using it. They also sell Marine specific models which you can find on their website in the links below. The heaters are very useful as they can be used anywhere.  It will be very useful to warm up the garage come winter time.  

PLANAR 2D Auxiliary Heater For Rooftop Tent - JEEP WRANGLER

Product review.

Published on 15 May 2017This is a very short introduction of my freshly invented "Auxiliary Diesel  Heater For My JEEP Wrangler Unlimited". 

Everything Boating Review we got 10/10

Everything Boating did a detailed review of our Marine Heater Kit. 

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Planar Diesel Heater Sound Test

 Here is a diesel heater sound comparison between a chinese Eberspacher copy at minimum power, a Planar diesel heater running at medium power and a new Eberspacher D2 running at minimum power. 

Planar Heaters wins again.

Unboxing 2 kw Planar Heater

Owen Cox unboxing a 2KW Planar diesel heater and explaining all the parts. Planar diesel heaters are suitable for boats up 28 feet, Camper Vans, Cranes, Lorries and many other vehicles. 

How do i use the PU-22 controler?

Simple guide to the PU-22 digital controller. 

How do i use the 7 day timer PU-27

A simple step by step guide to using  the 7 day programmable timer PU-27.

Boat heater installation

Great video of a Planar Heater On a yacht.